Alumni Testimonials

Elida (Juarez) Solis

Our Lady of Guadalupe School ’81-‘86

1. Describe Our Lady of Guadalupe School in 3 words?

Community, Faith and Nurturing

2.  Did you enjoy your time at Our Lady of Guadalupe School (OLGS)?

I am very grateful that my parents sacrificed to send me and my three siblings to OLGS.  Growing up in OLGS is one of my best childhood memories. All my teachers were kind hearted but stern and they made learning exciting. My core Catholic foundation was fostered at OLGS. Every morning we prayed for our families and for each other. I was educated in making right choices by basing myself on the teachings of Jesus.  I loved to go to school and was fortunate to be involved in various extracurricular activities like cheerleading, choir and matlachines.

3.     Who was your favorite teacher or administrator and why?

My favorite teacher was Sister Rita Joseph. She was my second and fifth grade teacher. She was full of spunk and always kept us on our toes. She was a strict and caring teacher and because of her I learned to have faith in myself and to strive to do my best at any task I undertake. Sr. Rita also showed me the beautiful world of origami and fostered my love of reading.

4.     What was your most memorable moment as a student?

My most memorable moment as a student at OLGS happened when I was in sixth grade. I won Grand Prize for my drawing of St. Augustine Church in a city-wide art contest celebrating the Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration and First prize for my drawing of the Alamo in a Celebration of Texas History sponsored by the Corpus Christi Dioceses. It was such an honor to represent OLGS.  

5.     Would you send your children to OLGS?

Yes, both our children are current students at OLGS. William is in 7th grade and Katherine is in 4th.  William has been a student of OLGS since K5 and Katherine has been a student since K3.  My siblings (Enrique, Eduardo and Melissa) also attended OLGS. OLGS is a wonderful school. Ms. Martinez the principal always places the needs of the students as top priority. She strives for them to be the best and is a beacon of light for all. We are blessed to have such an educated and knowledgeable principal and hardworking teachers guiding my children and the rest of the student body.

Elida (Juarez) Solis, OLGS 1981-1986, Paralegal Specialist, Dept. of Homeland Security

Eduardo Juarez, OLGS 1984-1991, Customs and Border Protection Officer, Dept. of Homeland Security

Enrique Juarez, OLGS 1981-1988, Warehouse Coordinator, Gardner Denver

Melissa (Juarez) Dominguez OLGS 1987-1991, Human Resources Coordinator, TX A&M Int’l University

Elida Solis- Matachines)

(Elida Solis- Cheerleading)     

(Elida Solis- Cheerleading)

(Eduardo Juarez-Drill Team)     

(Eduardo Juarez-Matachines)

(Melissa Dominguez-Cheerleading and Eduardo Juarez-Drill Team)

(Enrique Juarez-Matachines)     

(Enrique Juarez –Far right-Drill Team)

L-R (Eduardo Juarez, Enrique Juarez, (San Juanita and Enrique Juarez), Melissa Dominguez, Elida Solis)

L-R (Eduardo Juarez, Enrique Juarez, (San Juanita and Enrique Juarez), Melissa Dominguez, Elida Solis)