Computer Lab

Computer Lab


Ms. Margarita Talan


Absolutely no eating or drinking in the computer lab.

Unless allowed by Ms. M. Talan, no electronics or music devices are permitted in the computer lab.

Ms. M. Talan will assign each student to one computer and one computer only.  This will allow us to track which student uses each station.  

Be Careful with equipment.

Invite others to share the computer, when instructed to do so.

Take time to listen to instructions before beginning to work.

Save your work often.


Break habits such as bad posture, which can cause slower typing.

Yield! Do not share personal information without permission from a patent or teacher.

Take care in handling flash drives, MP3 players, CDs and DVDs.

Erase personal information and close out all applications before shutting down.

Shield your computer from dangers such as liquids, food, and direct sunlight.