Matlachines is a group of people of North and South American dancers who perform ritual dances. It is explained by Indian Tribes as "The Dance of the Moors and Christians" and it was first introduced by the Spaniards.

The Matlachines dance for a deeper religious purpose to look up to a saint, God, or in our case Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We have 30 students in our Matlachine group for Our Lady of Guadalupe School:

Uriel Ancona

Analee Bernal

Diego Cantu

Barbara Carrizales

Alexander Chaverri

Analee Esparza

Leeana Esparza

Camila Gutierrez

Javier Gutierrez

Yvana Guzman

Isabella Hernandez

Cesar Huerta

Rebecca Leza

Rudy Leza

Julio Maldonado

Emily Martinez

Robert Martinez

Sofia Medina

Angela Montemayor

Angelica Montemayor

Fatima Montemayor

Maria T. Montemayor

Mackenzie Olivo

Isabella Orta

Dyandra Palacios

Emiliano Ramon

Katelynn Rangel

Adam Saenz

Sadie Saenz

Azalia Torres

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